Community BENEFITS

During the two-year construction phase, the Salem Casino Project will generate 2,300 construction jobs that will provide $ 141.7 million in labor income and $ 54.4 million in indirect purchases or spending through supply chains in local economy.

When the hotel, casino and ancillary amenities begin operations, it will create 1,200 full-time equivalent living-wage jobs during the first year of operations. The Siletz Tribe anticipates that the workforce will be 20% tribal members and 80% non-Indians living in Marion and Polk Counties.

In the past twenty-five years, gaming facilities in Oregon have proven to be economic drivers for our region—creating jobs, generating revenue for Tribes, local governments and the State that is then invested in community programs. These gaming facilities have even attracted additional nearby commercial and residential investments.

The Siletz Tribe is  committed to designing this project to have the greatest benefit for the local community and the State.

The Salem Intertribal Project is designed to benefit every corner of Oregon.

It will do this by creating an unprecedented revenue sharing agreement with state and local government, as well as every participating tribe.

Benefits to Local Economy

  • Construction of the Project will generate over 2,373 jobs and $141.7 million in wages during the two-year construciton phase
  • Construction will stimulate $492.5 million in total economic impact that will accrue to local residents, businesses and governments of Marion and Polk Counties
  • Project operations during the first year will create over 1,200 permanent jobsĀ 
  • The Project will serve as an anchor development to drive additional investment in the North Salem area

Benefits to Tribes

  • 25% of the net revenue will fund Siletz tribal programs
  • 50% of the net revenue will be shared with the 8 other Oregon participating tribes
  • Opportunity for 8 other Oregon tribes to share in the revenue generated without taking on the risk of project development

Benefits to STATE AND LOCAL Government

  • 25% of the net revenue will be disbursed to the State of Oregon and local government during every year of operation
  • Generate $14.3 million in state and local taxes during construction
  • Generate over $54 million in state and local taxes during operation
  • Provide local and state government with 25% of net revenue during every year of operation
  • Redirect gaming revenue currently going to ilani in SW Washington: The Project operations will keep gaming revenue in Oregon, for Oregonians